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Poetic Justice: June Journaling Challenge

Over the past few days, I haven’t been adequately able to express how I feel about what’s going on in our country, concerning the senseless and unnecessary killings of innocent African Americans.

My God, Creator of the universe, thought that African Americans were beautiful, lovely, worthy and NECESSARY to His creation. We were created in His image and in His likeness, with black skin, thick hair and a strong resolve. It’s painful to know that which was created as beautiful and marvelous can be viewed by some as ugly and monstrous.

Because of the spiritual warfare that is manifesting, I wanted to encourage everyone to put on the full armor of God and to use the sword of the Spirit with this month’s #BibleJournalingChallenge. Here are 30 verses on justice, peace, and liberation.

Let’s start the month by praying for our nation, declaring justice in our states and cities, peace over our homes and righteousness in our hearts.

We are victorious!


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