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It's time to go on a picnic!

PICNIC Restaurant is a Barcelona brunch spot that not only serves tapas portions for breakfast, but it even comes with tapas prices.

Now, if you’re wondering what a tapa is, I’m already ten steps ahead of you.


noun ta·pa

According to Merriam-Webster, a tapa is an hors d'oeuvre served with drinks especially in Spanish bars— usually used in the plural form, like “TAPAS.”

Tapas are a staple of the Spanish cuisine, in which you can buy little dishes, to share with friend, or consume for yourself in a Spanish country. Think of it, as an American dollar menu, or a Wendy’s 4 for $4. Granted, they’re not nearly that cheap, but you’re getting some great deals when it comes to food!

Last Sunday, the gang and I went to PICNIC Restaurant, and needless to say, it was AH-mazing! On this particular day, I was in the mood for something salty… but my sweet tooth was also aching. I thought to myself, how does one solve this problem?

“SPLITSIES?” questioned a little voice next to me?

I looked at my friend Lexie, and immediately we were on the same wave-length. Let's split! That way, the two of us could both have something sweet, AND something salty. We decided on Huevos Rancheros, which included 2 tortillas, two fried eggs, salsa ranchero, guacamole, black beans and shrimp!

And let’s not forget the sweet dish!

We ordered pancakes, with fresh fruit, maple syrup, bananas, nuts, whip cream, all topped off with cream fraiche.

Can you say DELICIOSOSO?

PICNIC Restaurant hands-down was the best brunch I’ve had in a while.

Until next week, mis amigos! I promise we’ll venture out to a brunch spot, that’s menos Americano, y más Español!

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