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What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to indulge in plant-based food products? Flax & Kale, a healthy "flexitarian" restaurant, located in Barcelona, Spain, provided my culinary entertainment for this week's highlight brunch spot.

Before, I dive into the glorious dining experience at Flax & Kale, I find it necessary to explain the term 'flexitarian'.

As a cross between the words, vegetarian and flexible, a flexitarian, is verbiage to define those who desire to become vegetarian, but also desire to eat meat. They're the people who condemn meat-eaters for their protein rich diets, but can't completely be drafted to the winning team of vegetarianism. It's a win-win, for flexitarians. You get the health benefits of a vegetarian, but subtle pleasure of delving into a medium-rare steak every once in a while.

Although flexitarianism may sound like a trendy, health fad, Flax & Kale doesn't seem to think so. With a whole food based menu, Flax & Kale offers a variety of healthy food. From simple breakfast items such as avocado toast and and ginger-tumeric donuts to superfood dinners like salmon burgers with a side of carrot chips and kale salads.

As difficult as the decision was to order food, I decided to go with one of my personal favorites: the salty-sweet combo.

As an entree, I ordered Teresa's Stairway Crunchy Fish Taco. This yellowfin poke tuna fish dish was served on a crunchy nixtalized crunchy corn tortilla, and topped with white cabbage, coriander, avocado, homemade chipotle pink sauce and sesame seeds. This modern day culinarily delight is definitely an upgrade from the canned tuna sandwich laced with mayo and pickle relish we used to take to school for lunch.

(I figured it was a great time to insert a tuna pun, but I couldn't think of anything clever, you sea?)

To top off my savory taco, my friend Gabrielle and I shared Flax & Kale's Healthy Pancakes. With a flour base of red quinoa and soy milk, these yummy flapjacks were topped off with blueberry soy yogurt, maple syrup, pomegranate seeds and fresh berries.

Flax & Kale is a definite must-have when visiting Barcelona! They inspire customers to eat better, be happy and live longer.

Who said healthy couldn't be delicious?!

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