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Fish, Chips & Other English Vittles

I remember the first time I had fish and chips, or rather, the first time I thought I had fish and chips. It was 2013 at Epcot, in the United Kingdom section of Disney’s International Theme Park.

Fast forward almost four years later, and there I was in London, England, prepared to have my first English dinner. In the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, I found myself at The Fish House of Notting Hill, where I truly had an authentic fish and chips dinner, and it cod not have been better! Actually, I must confess, instead of the cod, I had haddock, but never the less it was nothing short of ah-mazing. Along with my fish and chips, I ordered a side of smushypeas and a ginger beer, one of my personal favorites. As un-appetizing as “smushy peas” sound, surprisingly they were fine compliment with my beer battered fish.

Another English specialty I had while visiting London was a true, full English breakfast. Not only did it have our American staples, such as bacon, sausage and a fried egg, but it included mushrooms, baked beans, toast, half a tomato and a cup of Earl Grey tea, with a splash of milk and two sugar packets.

Unfortunately, English muffins aren’t standard carbohydrates that come with a British breakfast, but I will say the mushrooms and baked beans with our American favorites were delicious!

As London is one of the world’s most international cities, international food is definitely a must! As I ventured around the Camden Market, my food choices for lunch were unlimited. From food south of the border, like Argentinian and Columbian food, to Vegan booths, Roti dishes and Southern Soul Food staples, the Camden Market is the place to be if you’re a foodie in London. During my visit, I opted for a Kati Roll, which is Indian Street Food. With a chicken kabob, on the Indian flat bread, paratha, my curried chicken dish was absolutely phenomenal.

To top off my British fill of food, I visited the Portobello Market and had a Spanish specialty with an Argentinean twist. Pictured below is grilled Spanish chorizo, with Argentinian style “patatas bravas” topped with fresh rosemary, onion and a side of halloumi cheese.

Needless to say, my stomach was pleased by the end of my London trip. These international eats left a great impression on my visit to the city, and will be one of the top reasons I return to the Old Smoke in a few years.

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