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School's Back in Session!

Hundreds of thousands of children across our nation are back in school or preparing to return to the classroom. This time around, their learning will resume either in person or virtually, to ensure they maintain their academic growth.

Parents and guardians have had to make a difficult decision as to how they want to continue their child's education, rather than deciding to stop learning completely.

These parents know they cannot deprive their children of learning because it would hinder their child's growth. That’s the same way it is for the believer. As guardians of our soul and spirit, we must make wise decisions that support our spiritual growth. As our spiritual Father, it is not God’s will that we, children of God, remain stuck and stagnant with a basic level and understanding of God. God desires that we grow in Him and mature in our soul and spirit.

Learning is a process and no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to learn and gain new information or knowledge!

It's time to "GROW UP" and advance to the next grade level in our walk with Christ.

Join us over the next 30 days as we deepen our relationship with God and “GROW UP” in our connection with Him. Let’s leave behind the elementary school thinking and level up to academia in our rapport with Christ.

Let’s get #schooled in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Grab your journals and let’s get to it! 📚


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