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XOXO: February's Journaling Challenge

Love is in the air... but are you ready to catch these X's and O's?

The Bible is an open love letter to all Christians and non-Christians alike, demonstrating love and how we can apply Christ-like principles to our everyday relationships with friends, family and loved ones. 

Let's #LoveOn the Word this month by reading and journaling through some of the Bible's most powerful scriptures on this powerful, four-letter word: LOVE. 

These verses are God-breathed, Spirit-influenced, and Jesus-lived versions of what love should look like in our everyday lives. Take these little nuggets as hugs and kisses from God, as you journal throughout the month.

Reflect on how you feel when you read the verses and passages. Are there ways you can love better as a spouse, or a friend? Can you show your love in a different way, as a #GirlDad or a #BoyMom? What can you do to continue to prepare you heart through your season of singleness, or further develop your heart inside of your marriage? How can you love your spouse differently as a husband, or a wife? 

Use this #LoveOn challenge to continue building upon the ideas of Christ-like love in your life, or maybe even tear down walls that have subconsciously been built up as a barrier to receiving or giving love. Use these daily nuggets of "hugs and kisses" from our friend, J.C. to remind you that He is the ultimate definition of love; and that’s our goal as a people, to spread that same love, reminding others they are loved, and oh so worthy of this powerful, four-letter word.


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